Monday, November 15, 2010

Light From the Psalter

In the dark winter months, when light is scarce, it can be particularly illuminating to meditate upon light as it comes from God and his Word, especially within the Psalms. May God lift up his countenance upon us, and shine his light on his hearts, and may these selections (from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter) be an encouragement to any who are in darkness.

Psalm 4.6:

6 O who will shew us any good?
is that which many say:
But of thy countenance the light,
Lord, lift on us alway.

Psalm 18.28:

28 The Lord will light my candle so,
that it shall shine full bright:
The Lord my God will also make
my darkness to be light.

Psalm 19.8:

8 The statutes of the Lord are right,
and do rejoice the heart:
The Lord's command is pure, and doth
light to the eyes impart.

Psalm 27.1:

1 The Lord's my light and saving health,
who shall make me dismay'd?
My life's strength is the Lord, of whom
then shall I be afraid?

Psalm 36.9:

9 Because of life the fountain pure
remains alone with thee;
And in that purest light of thine
we clearly light shall see.

Psalm 37.6:

6 And, like unto the light, he shall
thy righteousness display;
And he thy judgment shall bring forth
like noon-tide of the day.

Psalm 43.3:

3 O send thy light forth and thy truth;
let them be guides to me,
And bring me to thine holy hill,
ev'n where thy dwellings be.

Psalm 56.13:

13 Wilt thou not, who from death me sav'd,
my feet from falls keep free,
To walk before God in the light
of those that living be?

Psalm 74.16:

16 Thine only is the day, O Lord,
thine also is the night;
And thou alone prepared hast
the sun and shining light.

Psalm 78.14-15:

14 With cloud by day, with light of fire
all night, he did them guide.
15 In desert rocks he clave, and drink,
as from great depths, supply'd.

Psalm 92.2:

2 Thy loving-kindness to shew forth
when shines the morning light;
And to declare thy faithfulness
with pleasure ev'ry night.

Psalm 97.11:

11 For all those that be righteous
sown is a joyful light,
And gladness sown is for all those
that are in heart upright.

Psalm 104.2:

2 With light, as with a robe, thyself
thou coverest about;
And, like unto a curtain, thou
the heavens stretchest out.

Psalm 112.4:

4 Unto the upright light doth rise,
though he in darkness be:
Compassionate, and merciful,
and righteous, is he.

Psalm 118.27:

27 God is the Lord, who unto us
hath made light to arise:
Bind ye unto the altar's horns
with cords the sacrifice.

Psalm 119.105-106, 129-130:

105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,
and to my path a light.
106 I sworn have, and I will perform,
to keep thy judgments right.

129 Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful,
my soul them keeps with care.
130 The entrance of thy words gives light,
makes wise who simple are.

Psalm 139.11-12:

11 If I do say that darkness shall
me cover from thy sight,
Then surely shall the very night
about me be as light.

12 Yea, darkness hideth not from thee,
but night doth shine as day:
To thee the darkness and the light
are both alike alway.


  1. Ah, beautiful verses all.
    I have not been over so much lately Andrew as for some reason I can't get onto the blog easily. Even today, there is no background just the book shelves which makes it very hard to read. But I read some of your interesting things in Google reader. Thanks.
    Oh, when I pressed comment the background came on :-)

  2. Thanks, Ruby. I am hoping to give my blog a "make-over" very soon, which should make it more user-friendly. I hope you are doing well, sister. Blessings!