Sunday, October 6, 2013

Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the LORD. (Ps. 150.6)

Timothy Rogers, Trouble of Mind and the Disease of Melancholy, pp. 392-393:

Let us call upon our brethren and our friends to help us praise the Lord (see Psalm 145:2-3, 8-9, 14). As for myself, I make these requests: Bless the Lord, O house of Aaron and Levi. Bless Him, you ministers of the gospel who prayed for me in my trouble, and have had your prayers granted. Bless the Lord, O house of Israel, and all you people everywhere who sympathized with me, and kindly remembered me in my desolate condition. Bless Him, you old men, that you have gotten so far towards the haven without being thrown into the waves, or without being endangered by the rocks as I have been. Bless Him that you have not met with such violent temptations and great sorrows as I have met with, though I set out long after you did. Bless the Lord, you young men, that you have not been weakened along the way with sore affliction, and with the terrors of the Lord, under which I have groaned for so long. Bless Him, everyone, both small and great, against whom He does not proceed in such smart and severe providences, and in such long and sharp afflictions. Bless Him that you see before your eyes, and to help your faith, a person lately brought from the borders of the grave and of hell -- one for whom you were concerned, and for whom you prayed; one who still needs and begs for your prayers, that he may never come to such a sad and doleful night again.

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