Monday, October 7, 2013

Pastoral Meditation

Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor, in The Practical Works of Richard Baxter, Vol. 4, p. 421:

What an excellent life is it to live in the studies and preaching Christ! to be still searching into his mysteries, or feeding on them; to be daily in the consideration of his blessed nature, or works, or ways of God! Others are glad of the leisure of the Lord's day, and now and then an hour besides, when they can lay hold of it: but we may keep a continual sabbath. We may do nothing else almost but study and talk of God and glory, and call upon him, and drink in his sacred, saving truths. Our employment is all high and spiritual! Whether we be alone, or with others, our business is for another world. Oh, were but our hearts more suitable to this work, what a blessed, joyful life should we live! How sweet would the pulpit be, and what a delight would our conference of these things afford! To live among so many silent, wise companions, whenever we please, and of such variety: -- all these, and more such privileges of the ministry, bespeak our unwearied diligence in the work.

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